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I have been privileged to be part of a talented group of writers over the past seven years at Montclair Presbyterian Church in Oakland. Its members have given me their enthusiastic support with my children’s book projects, as have other close friends. 

Debbie Andrews graciously offered the use of two of her photos in my first book, and I have included “Giraffe Trio” and “Cheetah Pair” in Come to the Zoo – Photos & Haiku.  For my second book, Wildlife Rhymes & Reasons, Debbie’s photo skill is again evident in the beautiful zebra portrait she contributed to this new collection of beasts and birds. My heartfelt gratitude to Debbie and to all who encouraged my writing of children’s books about “the nature of things.”

I also want to express my special appreciation to the Oakland Zoo, the San Francisco Zoo, the San Diego Zoo, Safari West and the Safari Park (formerly, Wild Animal Park) near San Diego, where many photos in these books were taken. 

Graphic designer Samantha Brown deserves strong applause for her creative ideas and superb execution in creating Come to the Zoo and Wildlife Rhymes and Reasons. Using her expertise and eye for detail, she made the pages in my books spring to life! And, as a website designer, she is superb. Thank you, Samantha!

–  Anna Dabney

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