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“Unique ... fresh ... charming ...informative ... Anna  Dabney’s beautiful collection of stunning photographs and poetry, Come to the Zoo, is sure to delight readers of every age as they make the acquaintance of these creatures from the wild.” 

-- Julie Adams Church, former teacher and author of Uncommon Friends: Celebrating the Human-Animal Bond 

Come to the Zoo: Photos and Haiku (Penny Henny Books) is a visually beautiful book by Bay Area resident Anna Dabney. The author pairs her photos of zoo animals with the poetry form haiku. This book would make an excellent choice for children in the 2 to 5 age group.”

-- Dianne Weddington, book reviewer and poet 

Come to the Zoo is a delightful, very colorful, very absorbing palette of haiku composed by the author, Anna Dabney, to honor the proudest of the wild animal realm, with poignant photography, most of which she took. A gem!”

-- Nat Read, principal, Read Communications; author of Don Benito Wilson: From Mountain Man to Mayor, Los Angeles 1841-1878 

“I just saw your fabulous book and I am ordering one. My 5th grade class begins their first language lesson with a unit on fiction and poetry. I will definitely use your Zoo Haiku Book in my teaching.”

-- Susan B. Long, fifth grade teacher

Come to the Zoo

Photos & Haiku (2013)

by Anna H Dabney


​In Come to the Zoo, you will meet 26 enchanting creatures from the wild. Each is pictured in a striking, full-page color photo and described by a 3-line haiku, a popular Japanese style of poetry. Young children can learn to recognize these best-loved animals and birds. Older children can use the book as a springboard to research and writing projects.​

Come to the Zoo – Photos & Haiku is fun for children and adults who read to them. Families may enjoy creating their own animal haiku, which need not rhyme. The author includes the simple formula for haiku-writing in the book. ​​

​The Zoo Haiku book is recommended for ages 2 to 10, but all ages can find enjoyment in its pages. Learning activities and lesson plans for ages 3 – 5, 6 – 7, and 8 – 10 can be downloaded from this website free of charge as a PDF file. Suggested learning activities were written specifically for Come to the Zoo by an elementary school teacher who taught in the San Francisco School District for many years. Sharon Noteboom is a teacher emeritus, and a member of an honor society for retired teachers of distinction.

With Come to the Zoo – Photos & Haiku, young children can: 

- Learn to identify wild creatures by name

- Prepare for a family excursion to a zoo or wildlife park

- Develop a love of the world of nature

- Enjoy reading as a family activity.

Older children can: 

- Learn to like poetry and to write animal haiku poems 

- Improve their vocabulary 

- Discover characteristics and habitats of animals

- Learn about wildlife conservation 

- Develop a budding interest in biology 


Children will be transported by the book’s dramatic animal photos. Come to the Zoo is an excellent introduction for small children to animals and birds that might be found in a zoo. 

Readers of all ages can find pleasure in the descriptive haiku verse and stunning color portraits. After learning about haiku, families may want to try writing their own animal haiku poems together. The book includes the simple formula for this popular Japanese style of poetry.

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