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This engaging book celebrates wild creatures in their natural habitats around the globe. Visit far-flung and exotic places such as the African savanna, deserts of Western India, snowy Siberia, forest canopies of Central America, the jungles of Southeast Asia, and the Florida Everglades. The bold and beautiful color portraits in Wildlife Rhymes & Reasons present twenty-two creatures at their appealing best. Author Anna Dabney’s whimsical poems make it fun to learn about wild animals. After each poem are additional fascinating facts about each “critter” as found in the wild. Nature lovers of all ages will enjoy making the acquaintance of beasts and birds as diverse as the regal lion, the exuberant gibbon, the homely warthog or the neon-pink flamingo. 

Wildlife Rhymes & Reasons is the author’s second children’s book about critters that live in the wild or under the protection of zoos and wildlife parks. She emphasizes the importance of efforts to protect endangered species and preserve their natural habitats. A former teacher and now a grandmother, Anna hopes to evoke in young readers a sense of wonder and empathy toward other living things. This fine collection of informative and amusing rhymes about beasts and birds would be an excellent choice for reading at home or in the classroom. 

Free, downloadable learning activities based on the twenty-two beasts and birds featured in Wildlife Rhymes & Reasons will soon be available to parents and teachers here at the author’s website,  For more information or to order books, contact the author at 

​Dimensions (in inches):  8” x 10” standard portrait size.

“Beautiful photographs, creative poetry and interesting facts. What a grand way to be introduced to such amazing creatures!  A fantastic piece of work!”

 -- Jean Gregory, teacher emeritus, writer, and performing storyteller 

“The poems, facts and photos in this book are all memorable. Wildlife Rhymes & Reasons is a terrific resource for schools, zoos and Santa Clauses everywhere. Highly recommended!”
-- Jan Stites, novelist; Edgewise and Reading the Sweet Oak

“Congratulations on your new book! Wildlife Rhymes & Reasons was a hit with my nephew’s children and kept them interested and engaged.
--  Aleea McGuire, CFP, financial services advisor


Wildlife Rhymes & Reasons is absolutely beautiful and completely captivating! I am purchasing this book for my young granddaughter, who is a big fan of “critters.” She will enjoy the poems and photos for many years.”  

 -- Bonnie McManis, poet


“Your book is truly gorgeous.  I loved all of the photos.  The lighting, color contrasts, and framing around the photos' subjects are excellent.         I love the book!”

 -- Bill Huf,  photographer; retired civil engineer, geologist, and mariner


 “Anna’s book is a must-have for children’s bookshelves. Wildlife Rhymes & Reasons is a beautiful book that should stimulate some long overdue conversations with our children about saving our earth and wild creatures.”
-- Debbie Andrews, poet and photographer

Wildlife Rhymes & Reasons

(Hardcover, 48 pages, July 2014) (ages 6 to 12+)

by Anna H. Dabney


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